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How Things work ~ Empty How Things work ~

Post by Administrator on Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:58 am

Well This Site Might be a little hard to some of you who are new to it, I Decided to take time and help!~ Smile

There's Always a confusion is this part of the Tut.

Everyone tries to make 3 dozen shops. But No. You cant do that. You simply must make only up to 4 and that is it. Most limits are 2. But In this forum it is Indeed 4. In any Section you can create 4 shops. Such as The custom shop, premade shop , free shop , and pricing , etc,. . The Shops work as any other shop. You Post the picture of your art YOU Created and you simply wait for users that want to buy the art , if the art is not Bought within a certain amount of time you must take it down. WHY?

Because , Before nobody bought it and why would they now? Hm.


So There has been many art Thieves here lately , My last site closed because The users were stealing art. Now ANY ART YOU CREATE MUST BE MAD BY YOU AND YOU ONLY! Such as using these art programs 

Gimp and SAI etc., . There are many other programs but gimp and SAI Are the main programs that many people use. Now Some people go on sites that are online and create art , I Have had people say that it is not done by you , but if you create it , then yes it is. I Avoid the ignorant things people tell me.

There's sometimes a bit of confusion on this part. Well Its simple you see how you go to make a "New Topic"? Right. You go and you click the thing that has two pictures together on it .. "Host image" it says. Click that .. If your uploading a file which you should be if its art , you click file and find your picture on your computer . Then you click submit and then it will pull up three other options.. Copy the middle one and then paste it onto HERE. The forum your writing in. If your Entering a URL Then you do the same , Middle , copy and paste!

For more information contact me @Twitter or Email.

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