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Post by Administrator on Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:38 pm

Hello , Well My Announcements will be placed onto here in this forum! Just A Quick Announcement to those who actually read them ~ I Hope most of you do because there's stuff you should know about. The Announcements are basically about things changing or new things on the forums.

Like The New Deal with "AP" Ap , Is All Pass On this forum . It Lets you access everything you want you get free Dp packs every couple of months and credits along with it ranging up to 10k at a time!
Ap is $2o.oo But we do have sales on weekends !~

Thank You All For Reading.

ANNOUNCEMENT !~ Spamandhavefun.forumotion

ANNOUNCEMENT !~ Spamandhavefun.forumotionRazz

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