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Post by AnaRute on Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:36 am

Shop. Customs. Kaylas_by_anarute-d65kt0c

Welcome to my Custom Made shop.
I doing Dps and Yes They cost but not too high since im actually offering to sale these that im going to post up here later. Now the examples im going to post are mine you can find me on DeviantArt -AnaRute Dont believe me , Then Its your fault .

Now There are Indeed rules to my shop
Please read them.

-No Stealing My Artwork
-No Rushing
-No Crticizing anyone
-No Spamming in this forum shop.
-No Cursing. Very Happy

Now For the Prices well , I Actually let you pick but the price must be higher than 4k,
Thats it for this shop until you order.

Shop. Customs. Kaylas_by_anarute-d65kt0c

Here are the examples of my recent artwork.

Shop. Customs. Sisterss_by_anarute-d64spw7 Shop. Customs. Imvurequest_by_anarute-d5qdk1s

Shop. Customs. Imvu_by_anarute-d5iroew Shop. Customs. Imvu_by_anarute-d5inhhbShop. Customs. Imvu_by_anarute-d5k3eh9 Shop. Customs. Imvu_by_anarute-d5ipq86

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Art :: Basket

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